Tiny island of Rockall to be reclaimed for Britain

Disputed island lies deep in the Atlantic, 187 miles west of Scottish island of St Kilda

An expedition is to be launched this summer to reclaim the tiny island of Rockall for the UK.

Adventurer Andy Strangeway has been given permission by the Government to fix a plaque on the island, ownership of which is disputed by the UK, Ireland, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Fewer than 100 people have ever landed on Rockall, which lies deep in the Atlantic 187 miles west of the Scottish island of St Kilda and 267 miles northwest of Donegal.

Rockall location

Royal Navy personnel from the survey ship HMS Vidal were landed on the island by helicopter in 1955, but the plaque they left cemented in place has since disappeared.

Mr Strangeway, who hopes to mount his expedition in June or July, said that landing on Rockall was a hazardous venture.

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“Even in calm conditions it can be impossible,” he said, “it is very dangerous.”