Exactly a century ago, the ‘unsinkable' ship sank

Titanic was the
longest ship ever built at the time, and at 882ft (269m) it is impressive even
by today’s standards. But despite claims of being unsinkable, on 14 April 1912
she struck an iceberg, and in the early hours of the next morning, with 2224
passengers on board, she sank. A total of 1514 died that day, becoming one of
the worst shipping disasters known to man.

To mark the loss of the ship, the Cherbourg museum, La Cité
de la Mer, is hosting an exhibition of the Titanic throughout the year. Closer to home, the National
Maritime Museum at Greenwich will be marking the centenary with a series of
lectures exploring the stories behind the Titanic.

Dates for the talks are;

19 April, 26 April, 3 May and 10 May, with all starting at
11am till 3pm.

For details see the National Maritime website.