Tragedy at German P1 Grand Prix

The first leg of the German Grand Prix of the Sea sees fatal accident

The first leg of the Powerboat P1 German Grand Prix of the Sea yesterday was cancelled following an incident at the start of the race in which pilot Sergio Carpentieri suffered fatal injuries following a start-lap collision with Fainplast.

The Italian throttleman and owner of Team Carpenter was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The Organisers instigated a major incident plan immediately following the accident.

The crew of Fainplast and Sergio’s co-pilot, Luca Nicolini were unhurt although Nicolini was taken to hospital, suffering from shock.

Powerboat P1 management in consultation with the teams later announced that Sunday’s Grand Prix will go ahead as planned dedicated to Sergio Carpentieri. As a mark of respect for the much-loved Italian, a representative of each team will lay flowers into the sea ahead of the race.