Two hour search finds EPIRB in skip

The Coastguard, a lifeboat and an RAF helicopter spent hours looking for an activated emergency beacon

A lifeboat and rescue helicopter spent more than two hours looking for an activated emergency beacon before it was found – in a skip.

Yarmouth Coastguard
was alerted to the EPIRB transmitting either inland or close inshore near Saltfleet in Lincolnshire at lunchtime on Monday 30 August.

Humber Lifeboat and an RAF helicopter were called out, as were Coastguard Rescue Teams from Donna Nook and Mablethorpe.

Coastguard Rescue Officers eventually located the source of the signal, a fire-damaged EPIRB, amongst an assortment of items in a skip near North Somercotes.

The EPIRB is thought to have been discarded in the belief that it was broken, but was actually working perfectly.

“It is very important that you correctly dispose of all emergency alerting devices – in particular by remembering to remove the battery, even if you think it’s dead”, said Coaastguard Watch Manager Mario Siano.