UIM fail to respond to joint WPPA agreement deadline

The WPPA and IOTA have expressed bitter disappointment

The World Professional Powerboat Association (WPPA) and International Offshore Team Association (IOTA) have expressed bitter disappointment at the lack of communication from the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and their failure to respond to the 9 March deadline. This was the date agreed by all parties at a meeting in Dubai on 24 February to find a solution for the co-existence of the WPPA under the UIM umbrella.
“In Dubai, we witnessed both goodwill and the competence of the UIM Delegation presided over by Raffaele Chiulli who was well supported by Sami Abu Shaikha and Per Benson. A solution was reached which, in our opinion, is not only acceptable but could also provide a model for improvement for the whole Institution,” said IOTA General Secretary, Marco Sala.

“Unfortunately we have received nothing official from the UIM and the unofficial news we have heard is certainly no comfort. In fact, as far as we understand, the UIM Council has not yet been requested to vote on the document drawn up by the Dubai Working Group and supported by the Delegation which they had appointed.”

IOTA has stated that they are not in a position to accept any agreement other than that which has been proposed and any further delay to the timeframe within which the decision can be taken is unacceptable due to commitments already given to Teams, Local Organisers and Sponsors for the 2007 Class 1 season.

“If the UIM is not in a position to find an immediate definitive solution with regard to the WPPA we will be forced to continue without them,” said Sala. “IOTA reiterates its total support of the WPPA project for the realization of the 2007 Class 1 Championship and is confident that the National Authorities will note the fact that, from our side (WPPA and IOTA), every possible step has been taken in our endeavours to avoid breaking away from the UIM.”