Unexploded bomb discovered near St Peter Port harbour entrance

An exclusion zone has been placed around an unexploded bomb discovered just outside the entrance to St Peter Port harbour in Guernsey

Boaters have been warned to steer clear of an unexploded bomb or depth charge discovered near the entrance to St Peter Port Harbour. The harbourmaster has set up an exclusion zone 600 metres from the entrance, which is marked by yellow buoys equipped with orange flashing lights.

The bomb or depth charge is thought to have lain undisturbed in the wreck of the German patrol boat V209 ever since the vessel was sunk by Royal Navy aircraft on 24 July 1944. It was discovered when the wreck was being inspected recently after being damaged by a vessel dragging its anchor.

“The device was spotted in a different part of the wreck to where it had been damaged,” said harbourmaster Captain Peter Gill. “What is miraculous is that something like a depth charge has been sat there for 70 years and never been identified”.

Royal Navy divers have arrived on the island to inspect the device so that plans can be made for its safe disposal.

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