US Navy torpedo decommissioned warship

USNS Concord sunk by submarine in huge military exercise

Three decommissioned naval vessels have met violent ends after the US Navy decided to use them for target practice. Concord, Kilauea, and Niagara Falls were towed to waters off Hawaii where ships and aircraft taking part in the multinational exercise RIMPAC 2012 then sent them to a watery grave.
The Royal Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Victoria despatched a well-aimed torpedo to account for Concord, which was hit near the bows and ended up diving vertically towards the seabed. Kilauea meanwhile was sent to the bottom by the Royal Australian Navy submarine Farncomb, while Niagara Falls met her end at the hands of US Navy vessels.
22 nations were involved in the biennial RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercise, with more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft, and 25,000 personnel taking part.