Venture Cup organisers seek UIM approval for new class

'Extreme Offshore Class' put forward by MPA Powerboat Events

Organisers of next year’s Venture Cup have approached the UIM, the world governing body for powerboaing, to propose a new class of offshore racing.

MPA Powerboat Events has suggested it be called ‘Extreme Offshore Class’, which is more suited to the event than ‘Marathon’ and ‘Endurance’ classes, both of which already exist.

The company has also asked for ‘Promoter’ status as the official organier of the race, which is the first in a series of these long-distance events MPA intends to run.

If all goes to plan, the 2013 Cowes to Monte Carlo will be followed by a race from Venice to Monte Carlo in 2015 and two

years later by an event between New York and Miami.

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Subsequent races from Athens to Monte Carlo and Abu Dhabi to Mumbai could then follow.

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