Watch video footage of the Earthrace clash

See dramatic video footage of the clash between the former Earthrace powerboat and a Japanese security ship

Following yesterday’s story about the clash between Earthrace and Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters we can now show you footage of the incident as it happened.

In the footage you can see the biofuel powerboat, now renamed Ady Gil, cross the path of Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No 2, in an attempt to intercept Japanese whaling activity.

Since the incident, in which Ady Gil’s bow was sliced off, mud has been slung by both the Sea Shepherd Society – which owns the powerboat – and the Japanese Government over who was to blame.

Now you can watch the Earthrace crash footage on the Sea Shepherd’s website and decide for yourself.In a further update, despite taking on a lot of water, the vessel has been salvaged, although it is severely damaged.