Watch your speed, Tay users told

Police are looking to crack down on speeders in the Tay Estuary

“Speeders will be prosecuted.” This is the message police are keen to get across to users of the Tay Estuary.

Broughty Ferry has grown into an established and popular venue for watersports in recent years.

And with summer now here, Tayside Police want to make “reckless” and “unacceptable” behaviour on the water a thing of the past.

“Tayside Police has the power to enforce the Port Authority Byelaws and will do so. Any conduct that is reckless or dangerous will be dealt with within the criminal law,” a police spokesman said.

“Elsewhere in the country people have been seriously injured or even killed during such activities, and this, if nothing else, emphasises the need for sensible and appropriate use of high speed craft.”

The spokesman added that signs are placed warning users of the estuary wherever a speed limit is enforced.