Williams to launch a range of diesel jet-RIBs

Williams' new range will include biggest boat yet

Jet-RIB specialists Williams are to build a four-boat range of diesel-powered RIBs from 14ft 9in (4.54m) to 20ft 5in (6.25m).

Last year’s Turbojet 505D, the lightest diesel-powered jet-RIB ever, will be part of this new range with the next launch being the Dieseljet 565 (pictured) at the Cannes and Southampton Boat Shows.

The rest of the range, a 445 and 625, which will be the company’s largest boat to date, will hit the water some time in the 2011/2012 season.

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As well as offering superyacht owners the option of having a tender that uses the same fuel as the mothership the new range, especially the larger boats, are a tempting option for those looking for their first foray in to boating with all of them predicted to hit 36 knots flat out.

Mathew Hornsby co-managing director at Williams says: “We are very excited to be launching the Dieseljet range, which has been carefully developed for larger yachts.

“The huge success of the Turbojet 505D, which at the time of launch was the lightest and most compact fully-equipped diesel yacht tender available, has created a demand amongst our customers for a wider range of diesel tenders.”

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