Windermere boat survivor leaves hospital

A man who survived a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning on his Bayliner on Lake Windermere has now left hospital following treatment

The sole survivor of the Easter Monday Windermere boat tragedy, in which a mother and daughter lost their lives in a case of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, has now been released from hospital.

Matthew Eteson, 39, lost his partner Kelly Webster, 36, and her daughter Lauren Thornton, 10, in the tragic incident on Monday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses described seeing rescue services attend the scene wearing gas masks and there was some speculation that the cause of death could have been down to a faulty generator that was being used to power a fan heater on the bitterly cold day, although this has not been confirmed.

A statement from Cumbria Police says, “Police are not treating the deaths as suspicious, and it is suspected that the deaths were caused by some form of gas poisoning. Enquiries continue to be conducted by officers on behalf of the coroner.”

Photo: A Bayliner 285 like this stock shot was the scene of the tragedy

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