Wiring diagram correction

In the March issue of MBM, we published a wiring diagram with some inaccuracies; here is the correct one

In the March issue of Motor Boats Monthly we printed a wiring diagram as part of a feature about remote-controlled deck lighting that contained some inaccuracies.

While the original diagram would have produced a working circuit, there was a danger that if the deck light switch had accidentally been left in the ‘On’ position, power could have fed back through to the isolated side of the main battery isolator.

This could result in powering all electrical circuits that should have been isolated and in doing so possibly overload the cable designed to cope with the power demands of just the bilge pumps.

There are a number of ways around this, including the use of blocking diodes, but the simplest solution would be to disconnect the original power supply from the battery isolator to the deck light switch, and run a new permanent live using cable of a suitable size and fused accordingly.

Both normal switching and remote control operation would then be powered through the same supply.

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Please see the above wiring diagram for the correct procedure.