Woman airlifted to hospital after motor boat crash

A 34-year-old woman had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital last night after she injured her arms and back in a motor boat crash

A motor boat crash on the east coast of America yesterday afternoon (18 November) resulted in a 34-year-old woman being airlifted to hospital with back and arm injuries.

The 42-ft vessel ran aground in the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge at around 4pm local time, the US Coastguard Newsroom reported.

Following the motor boat crash three miles east of Cedar Island, a Coastguard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and its crew were diverted from a training flight to respond to the skipper’s May Day call.

At 6pm, the unnamed woman and her partner were airlifted to Cartaret General Hospital, via Michael J. Smith Airfield in Beaufort.

Breakdown firm Towboat US later arrived on the scene to help the skipper in an attempt to refloat the stricken motor boat.

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Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge is situated in Cartaret County on the east coast of North Carolina, and features more than 11,000 acres of irregularly flooded marshland.