Yarmouth Harbour plans for new £10m breakwater

Commissioners at Yarmouth Harbour have announced plans to construct a new breakwater for the Isle of Wight port, which will cost £10m and take five years to build

Yarmouth Harbour could be getting better tidal protection, after commissioners announced plans to build a new breakwater.

The £10m project would take five years to complete. Extending 75m further into the Solent, it would most likely be composed of rock armour, the commissioners added.

What’s more, the planned height would be at least one metre taller to cope with predicted sea level rises over the next century.

In an announcement, Yarmouth Harbour commissioners added: “This announcement is just the beginning of a long process which involves extensive consultation with a number of government agencies, the local community and the harbour users.”

A new breakwater should help to grow leisure and commercial business in the Isle of Wight harbour, as well as providing better flood protection for the Western Yar estuary and the town of Yarmouth itself.

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The nearby port of Cowes is currently in the middle of a new breakwater construction project, which is expected to cost £7.5m in total.