Zaborowski bows out

Prominent Class 1 figure, Jan Zaborowski, is stepping down from team duties.

After nine years as an ever-present and prominent figure in Class 1, Jan Zaborowski, co-owner and team manager of Ugland Offshore Racing has announced that he is stepping down from his team duties.

“It has been a tough decision to make, but for now it is the right thing for me to do,” commented Jan. “This year the team and racing has taken up practically all of my time and now is the time for me to refocus on my personal business activities. I have discussed the situation with Andreas (Ugland) and Jorn (Tandberg) and I will be with the team in Dubai to keep an eye on things, but from 2007 I will be a spectator.”

Zaborowski joined Spirit of Norway in 1998 before moving to Ugland Offshore Racing a year later. As team manager of UOR and more recently as co-owner – with his son Christian in the driver’s seat alongside Jorn – Jan has guided the team to several race and pole position successes and announces his departure with the team enjoying their best season to date – podiums in Doha and Spain and a win in their home Grand Prix in Arendal putting them third overall in world championship standings and third in the European Championship.