Zodiac RIBs back from the brink under new ownership

Inflatable boat brand Zodiac RIBs has announced that it has found new owners and will be introducing a new range in 2016

Threatened boating brand Zodiac RIBs has been saved, with new owners bringing the brand back from the brink.

In an announcement on their official website yesterday (August 3), the inflatables manufacturer confirmed that a buyer has been found.

As a result, the production of Zodiac RIBs will resume in mid-September with prices unchanged, and there are already plans afoot to launch a new range in 2016.

The Zodiac RIBs collection currently ranges from 6ft roll-up inflatables to 24ft N-ZO cruisers (pictured above).

The firm also hopes to exhibit its new range at “all major boat shows”, meaning a 2016 London Boat Show comeback could be on the cards.

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The statement from Zodiac RIBs ends with an apology to customers: “Sorry for those of you who could not purchase any Zodiac product this year – 2016 will be different.”

The future of Zodiac was thrown into doubt back in April, when its parent company Z Marine was declared insolvent. Sister company Avon RIBs has yet to announce whether it will be continuing or not.