Flipper 760DC

Every other year Finland’s island-strewn Archipelago plays host to the country’s latest boat designs

As soon as I step aboard the low sleek 760 DC, its skipper immediately demonstrates the full extent of its performance – and with a 300hp supercharged Mercury Verado outboard, there is a lot to demonstrate.

Like The Stig, this helmsman knows only two speeds, flat out and flat out, as we charge through the confused and bumpy wake of the Finnboat fleet like a missile. But no matter how hard he tries to kill us, the 760 just soaks it up.

We go completely airborne at 45 knots, and the landing is soft and confident, while tight turns at insane speeds simply stand the boat on its ear. When I eventually wrest the wheel, I find the same comfortable helm position and fine ergonomics that are becoming a theme across the boats here.


Top Speed: 46 knots
Beam: 8ft 7in (2.61m)
Engines: Mercury Verando 300hp petrol outboard

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