Internet everywhere you are – introducing L-band from Intellian

Cruising. Racing. Day trips. Overnights. Liveaboard. No matter how you enjoy your boat, one thing is clear - there’s a lot of coast and ocean out there without any phone signal.

With an Intellian FB250, Fleet One or the C700 terminal onboard that doesn’t matter. Our terminals are expertly engineered to connect to satellite networks, delivering you internet anywhere in the world, at a press of a button.

Their small and tidy footprint make them the ideal Intellian solution for peace of mind and convenience, all from the comfort of your boat. It’s internet from space, truly a world wide web.

Make that reservation. Check out tomorrow’s forecast. Have a quick glance at emails. Video call back home. Download the firmware update. Update social media.

Read the latest news. Book your grocery delivery. Research the anchorage. Let family know your passage plan (and keep them updated along the way).

Connected when you want it, where you want it thanks to Intellian.

Talk to your local Intellian distributor today to learn more about your ideal connectivity solution.