The art of laying up

Berthon’s James Hollingsworth explains the ins and outs of preparing your boat for winter

Do I need to winterise my engine?

Yes. Normally, we would recommend a full service before winterisation so that any issues or problems are found out in good time for repair. The minimum, however, would be to check fluid levels and run up the main engine, introduce inhibitor to the raw water system, open up the water pump and remove the impeller, spray the engine with inhibitor, and seal the air intake and exhaust.


What about the generator?

Exactly the same. Berthon is a well-oiled machine itself, so consider delegating the job and having it done efficiently. Also this is the time to have the engines and generator serviced by a qualified engineer.

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Is it worth draining the plumbing?

Definitely. Avoid frozen pipes in the winter and stagnant smells in the spring – pump out and drain down the fresh water system; drain down the toilets; switch off/isolate the immersion heater; disconnect the fresh water pipes in the bilge; remove the discharge pump impellers, and pickle the watermaker to the manufacturer’s specification.


Typically, this all takes Berthon a matter of hours, saving you a weekend in the bilge. Our team is efficiency in motion.


Call James Hollingsworth at Berthon for a quote to get your boat laid up on +44(0)1590 673312 or visit Berthon. 

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