Preparing your boat for a brokerage sale

Brokerage sale: what do I need to do next?

Get the paperwork right

You will need original documents (showing a five-year title chain), including VAT receipts or paperwork, RCD documents, service and maintenance records and all major invoices for the boat during your ownership. Carefully presented records speak volumes about how it has been looked after.


If it’s broken, fix it

It is a surveyor’s job to pick up on faults and any problems may delay the sale and reduce the price you achieve – the purchaser’s discount will be much more than the cost of mending the breakage. Repair or replace areas showing wear and tear.

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Thoroughly clean the boat

Having the gel-coat polished, stainless gleaming, and a fresh coat of antifoul if she’s ashore sets the right tone. The interior should be cleaned by professional valets and de-cluttered. It is worth making up the owner’s berth so that the boat looks welcoming.

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Prep for photography

Your broker will wish to take good imagery of your boat inside and out, so it needs to be ready to be photographed. Ask them for their advice and help them by taking the boat to sea so that good running shots can be taken if she’s afloat.


Ask your broker about the marketing strategy that they plan to adopt for your boat

The broker should be focused on her unique selling points and be prepared to advertise it on multiple media platforms. Do take their advice on pricing and how to present your boat in the best possible light.


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