Toy of the month: This electric jetski boasts electrifying 56-knot performance

The electric revolution has arrived in the world of personal watercraft We take a first look at the Taiga Orca electric jetski...

Taiga Motors was conceived to create electric vehicles enabling ‘escape into the great outdoors without compromise’ and offers a range of snowmobiles and watercraft built in Canada. This is its personal watercraft (or jetski).

From a distance it looks no different to a normal petrol-engined jetski; it even performs like one, with a 60mph top end.

Under the hood, however, is a 134kW (180hp) electric motor offering up to two hours of endurance and an 80% recharge in just two hours.

Aside from the obvious emissions benefits, an electric jetski offers quieter running at low speeds, cuts the need to obtain and store petrol on board and doesn’t need servicing.

Supplier Superyacht Tenders and Toys will even customise your electric jetski to match the mothership.


LOA: 9ft 6in (2.9m)
Beam: 3ft 11in (1.2m)
Displacement: 263kg (580lbs)
Engine: 134kW (180hp) direct drive
Range: 130nm
Charging: 80% in 20 minutes DC fast charge
Top speed: 56 knots
Starting price: $28,000