Electric boats

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Hybrid boats have been around for a while now, but the fully electric boat revolution is now gathering pace.

The latest generation of electric boats are futuristic speed machines using computer-controlled foils and sustainable hull materials styled by
trendy product designers to appeal to young, wealthy technophiles.

Welcome to the future!


What electric boat range can you expect?

Just like with electric cars, or arguably even more so, range anxiety is a key issue when converting from diesel to electric boats.

The latest advancements in battery technology have improved things here, but most pure electric boats are suitable for weekend trips only with a range of up to 50nm between charges.

However, if you consider hybrid boats that can charge their batteries by solar power or diesel generators, such as the Hardy Hybrid 42 the range can rocket to more than 100nm, making long-range electric boating possible.

How fast are electric boats?

When it comes to flat-out speed, a handful of electric boats can boast a fairly impressive top speed of up to 50 knots (58mph), such as the Rand Escape 30, and the SAY Carbon Yachts 29 E.

However travelling at that speed for any length of time will see your range drop considerably.

How do you drive an electric boat?

Much the same as on a diesel-powered boat, you use the steering wheel to control direction and the throttles to control the power.

Even on the electric foiling Candela C-7, the experience is surprisingly familiar, as the foils are automatically trimmed by an on-board computer.

Do electric boats have solar panels?

Not all electric boats have solar panels, purely because they take up valuable deck space that could be used for entertaining guests.

However, most larger models with fixed hardtops, or wheelhouse roofs, like the Silent 55 or the Greenline 40 will take advantage of this space to fit solar panels.

Where can you charge an electric boat?

Whilst electric boat infrastructure is still in its infancy, the charging network is growing rapidly.

We recently spoke to Aqua Superpower founder Stewart Wilkinson about the future of electric boats and he revealed that his company plans to install 120 charging points across Europe before the end of 2022.

Who is building electric boats?

There are dozens of yards across Europe currently pushing the envelope when it comes to electric boats. You can read all about them in our essential A-Z guide to electric boats.