Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards: New models expand the range

Evinrude shook up the outboard market when it introduced its revolutionary E-Tec G2 motors in 2014

They didn’t just look unlike any other outboard, they ran differently too, with two-stroke technology offering vastly reduced complexity and thus servicing and maintenance, yet without the usual 2-stroke pitfalls of high emissions and fuel consumption.

Initially only available in V6 models from 200hp-300hp, the company introduced 150hp, 175hp and 200hp versions two years later.

Now, three years on from that, the company has expanded the E-TEC G2 range even further, introducing 115hp, 140hp versions plus a new 150hp, all based around a 1.9 litre in-line 3-cylinder direct injection engine.

Evinrude says that the motors outperform conventional 4-stroke engines in both torque and fuel efficiency at low revs.

But of particular interest to owners is likely to be the 7-year warranty (the longest of any outboard manufacturer), lack of scheduled dealer maintenance requirements (there is no oil to change for example) and of course, the range of funky colours and designs (there are two base colours, grey or white, but more than 400 colour panel options!)

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Prices for the new E-TEC G2s are yet to be confirmed, so watch this space…