Hydrohoist launches HydroPort Epic floating jet ski dock

A floating jet ski dock is one of those ideas that, the very first time you see it, you think ‘that will never work’

But however unlikely it looks, the reality is that floating docks for jet skis do work brilliantly, protecting the hull and delicate internals from fouling, holding them secure even in bad weather, and being far easier to slide the ski on and off of than a basic understanding of physics would suggest.

They’ve been around for a while now, most marinas have a raft of them, and so Hydrohoist, one of the first in the market, has decided that it is time for an update.

The big difference is a wider walkway with a non-slip surface, ensuring the dock is easier and safer to access, and making essential maintenance, from cleaning and flushing the ski to fitting a cover, far simpler.

It’s also equipped with enhanced drainage, making it quicker to remove debris and water from the platform. It’s available in different colours, has six sets of UV protected wheels, supports up to 900kg and has a redesigned rear entry that allows for a smoother loading and launching process.

Keeping current customers in mind, this PWC platform can connect with the existing HydroPort Extreme model so that individuals and marinas can continue to grow their HydroPort fleet. Prices start from £1,514.25.