ResQLink 400: ACR Electronics launches new PLB series

ACR Electronics has launched a new ResQLink PLB 400 series – the ResQLink 400 and ResQLink View Personal Locator Beacons

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a compact easily carried device that sends out a unique coded emergency signal (each one is registered to its owner) to satellite and ground stations on the 406MHz distress frequency for 24 hours when activated in an emergency.

Both feature a protected activation button located away from the test button, multiple wearable mounting options including a belt clip and oral inflation clip, and an easier-to-release antenna enclosure.

All the new design changes were suggested by members of the ACR Electronics Survivor Club free beacon replacement program.

Buoyant, and with operational battery life in excess of 24 hours, the PLBs also include a new infra-red strobe light in addition to the ultra-bright strobe light to assist rescue crews using night vision goggles.

The ResQLink View with Optical Display Technology adds a screen that displays all the beacon’s operational activities, including GPS coordinates, operating instructions, usage tips, transmission bursts, as well as battery power. Prices start from £280.