Toy of the month: Gigawave 350 GW-X promises the largest wake surfing wave ever

Matthew Blew, founder of the Gigawave 350 GW-X, says his concept will create a head-height wake that will barrel like an ocean wave allowing the surfer to ride inside it, which should be pretty spectacular!

It’s created by putting 3.5 tonnes of ballast into a 35ft boat that utilises a “wave manipulation system” hull, but that’s not the only interesting thing about this boat, the propulsion is pretty radical too.

A pair of electric motors rated at 300hp each provide the massive torque required to reshape the sea, not to mention providing ultra-quiet running.

Cunningly, the lithium boat batteries form part of the ballast, and because the boat is open, with the helm well forward, there’s space for 28 people.

Top speed should be 18-22 knots, with a surfing speed of 9-14 knots and a run time of 4-5 hours. With two standard 240/50A plugs the charge time is around six hours, or two hours using an industrial charger.

Prices should be around the $600,000 mark.