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EU member?

Yes, but not in VAT area.



Ship’s papers

Legally, yachts do not have to be registered to visit Gibraltar, but Customs generally ask to see your boat’s certificate. If the boat is borrowed/chartered you will need written authorisation to use it in English and Spanish.

Ship’s radio licence.

Crew papers


Three copies of crew list.

Report to Customs?

Yes. Fly Q flag. You will need to fill in forms. Notify Immigration Office of departure.


Yes. Just before leaving you can buy duty-free alcohol and tobacco from any shop.


From fuel berths, some at reduced-duty prices.


Readily available alongside.

Shore power 220V

At all marinas.


UK-type bottles not available. Refilling difficult.

Camping Gaz

Readily available.

Berthing fees

Less than in UK.


UK and Gibraltar sterling.

Credit cards

Accepted. With PIN can get cash from cash machines.


Not usually accepted in shops. Can change in banks.

Travellers cheques


Emergencies ­ VHF

Ch 16 monitored by coastal radio stations. Good rescue coverage by Gib police, port patrol, and Spanish services.

Emergencies ­ phone

General number ­ 112

Police ­ 199

Ambulance ­ 199

Fire ­ 190


Can bring in if pet has “animal passport” ie certificate of health from a vet, including rabies vaccinations.

Dialling code to UK

0044 then the number, omitting the first 0.

Telephone boxes

Use coins or phonecards.

Weather forecasts

Call port radio on VHF, see Imray Almanac for frequencies. Forecasts on British Forces radio ­ 93.5 and 97.8MHz, see almanac for times. Ashore, phone the Met office on 53416.

Charts and books

Admiralty charts.

East Spain Pilot. Robin Brandon. Imray.

Imray Mediterranean Almanac.

British Embassy

None. Gibraltar is a British Dependent Territory.

Tourist office in UK

Gibraltar Information Bureau, 179 The Strand, London WC2R 3DT. Tel: 020 7836 0777. Visit or e-mail


English spoken everywhere.

Thanks to Shepherd’s Marina, Gibraltar, for help with information

September 2001