£1m houseboat for sale at Cadogan Pier

A cool £1m could fetch you a former barge with a central London mooring

A former barge moored at Cadogan Pier on the tidal Thames, has been dubbed the ‘most expensive houseboat’ in Britain.

Brokers are advertising the 110ft vessel, Ocean, which has three bedrooms, two reception rooms and its own swimming pool, for £1m.

This may seem rather steep for a houseboat, even one fitted with a 220hp turbo engine. However, the price includes a central London mooring at Cadogan Pier in Chelsea until 2011 with an automatic renewal for a further five years.

Agents say that the price tag, which equates to around £720 per square foot, is good value because flats in the neighbourhood are being offered for around £1000 per square foot.