Alan Priddy’s £1.3m powerboat survives arson attack

Arsonists set fire to factory units where the 90ft boat was stored

A £1.3m boat built by British ocean adventurer Alan Priddy has miraculously survived an arson attack in Birmingham.

The fire was so intense that it destroyed steel girders and melted two vehicles stored in a neighbouring unit. The 90ft boat, named Accomplish More, remained unscathed.

“We always said we were going to build the toughest boat in the world and it wasn’t an idle phrase,” Priddy said. “I was elated when I finally heard the boat was unharmed.”

Priddy will take Accomplish More around the world in an attempt to earn his 38th world record. The Company85 Global Challenge team hopes Priddy and the powerboat, with a top speed of nearly 50 knots, can cover 24,000 miles in under 50 days.

Priddy will be joined by former powerboat champion Shelley Jory-Leigh, multiple world record holder Dr Jan Falkowski and five experienced crew.