American boating at its best

Is this really the best of both worlds?

Amphibious cars have never really worked. Great in theory but in practice they are rubbish as cars and even worse as boats. But there appears to be a new type of vehicle roaming the streets of Canada – the Boaterhome 2000.
On the road it’s a rather outrageously coloured limousine campervan, but watch as it reverses into the water and the rear detaches and a proper working boat appears.
The Boaterhome rig is 40ft long and weighs nearly three tonnes, with the rear boat section measuring 28ft .
Comparing it to a James Bond-style piece of kit, Highway Boaterhomes, builder of the Boaterhome 2000, call it ‘The best of both worlds.’ The company goes on to say that the vehicle ‘handles like a high performance limousine and is easy to park.’ Amazingly the website also suggests that it offers great fuel economy. We doubt that and suggest owners keep their Boaterhomes in the US, where fuel is cheap.
Watch the video here

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