Avon in latest Bond film

Avon pleased to be involved with Quantum of Solace

Avon have expressed their pleasure due to six 6.20m RIBs being used in the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

The main boat chase which uses over 100 motor boats in total sees two black Avon Adventure 6.20’s chasing Daniel Craig in his water-jet powered fishing skiff.

Avon say: “Other than being painted entirely black for the film shoot, the Adventure
RIBs were supplied as standard production craft and not modified for the
film sequence, which is a testament to the design and construction of Avon’s
‘4 x 4’s of the water.”

The managing director of Avon Inflatables Alan Morgan went on to say: “It was a
privilege for us to work alongside Sunseeker International to be able to supply
these boats for use in Quantum of Solace . It is the fourth consecutive time
that Sunseeker’s world-leading luxury motor yachts have made an appearance
in a James Bond film, and we are delighted to be associated with both
Sunseeker and Quantum of Solace.”

Find out more about Avon Inflatables on their website.