BMF: boaters can still fill up with low-tax diesel

The British Marine Federation reminds fuel suppliers that boaters can fill up with low-tax fuel until further notice

The British Marine Federation (BMF) has issued a statement to its members to remind them that boaters can still fill up with low-tax red diesel until futher notice.

In a letter seen by MBM, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, John Healey, wrote to the BMF to confirm the current state of affairs. In the letter, Healey confirmed that:

* There is no scope for over-turning the Commission’s decision to end the pleasure boating derogation
* The Government has asked for “flexibility” in implementing the changes
* There is no immediate change on 1 January 2007, and boaters can continue to fill up with low-tax red diesel until further notice

The BMF believes it is “unlikely” that the price of the fuel will increase in 2007. The federation’s statement follows reports that some fuel suppliers were under the impression that low-tax fuel could no longer be supplied from 1 January.