Boat Fail: Dozy captain crashes into Norwegian fjord

Are you paying attention? The captain starring in this week’s Boat Fail clearly wasn’t

Skippering a large vessel requires many qualities, and a keen eye for navigation is foremost among them.

Keeping an eye on your instruments is important, but you shouldn’t let them distract you from the information that your eyes are giving you.

The captain starring in this week’s Boat Fail clearly had other things on his mind.

Local authorities are going as far as to suggest that he was asleep at the helm, and once you’ve watched the footage below its easy to see why they’ve come to this conclusion.

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Salmon fisher Roar Kjølås from Storfjorden in Norway couldn’t believe his eyes as a huge ship swept past his vessel at midday on Friday 16 May, heading directly toward a fjord.

The quick-thinking onlooker immediately grabbed his phone to film the episode, which was later broadcast on Norway’s TV2.

We can only assume that the skipper responsible will get a stern talking to and would count himself lucky to keep his job after such a mountainous blunder: