Boat Showrooms launches new brokerage scheme

Brokerage customers will now be able to keep tabs on how well their boats have been marketed and how much interest has been generated

Following on from the story in March’s issue of MBM that Boat Showrooms’ brokerage service is still operating, the company is offering a new service to instil customer confidence.

From now on all brokerage customers will be directed to a new website,, which will give them secure access to a report summarising all interest in their boat.

This new service will allow boatowners to check how many enquiries there have been about their boat each week and let them keep tabs on the number of viewings. Customers will also be able to view all the advertisements concerning their boat.

As MBM reported last month, Boat Showrooms Ltd, which was responsible for new boat sales, has ceased trading but Boat Showrooms of London, Boat Showrooms of Harleyford and Boat Showrooms of Hamble are all still offering brokerage services.