Boat to ‘find origins of wind’

Dutch artist builds boat that sails directly into the wind

A unique boat is to be launched soon that will “discover the origins of wind”.

It’s calledWindfinder, and uses the power of the wind to drive a forward-facing turbine that in turn drives a propeller. This way, the boat can sail directly into the wind.

It was designed and built by Dutch artist Wipke Iwersen, who drew inspiration for the project from boating with her parents as a child.

The boat is due to be launched in the Pacific soon, somewhere near the Philippines. Hopes are that it will keep sailing into Pacific winds until eventually reaching the Aleutian Islands.

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Instructions onboard the craft ask anyone finding her to carry out required repairs or improvements and launch her again.

Iwersen plans to trailWindfinderin her family’s yacht, recording sightings of the strange boat.

British firm Proven Energy is sponsoring the bid. The company’s MD said: “We are delighted to sponsor such an adventurous project that aims to sail to the source of the wind. Since Proven’s wind turbines, our many customers and the planet’s future depend on using the wind’s huge energy resource, it is very interesting to try to track it down.”