Boat videos, galleries and The Great Motorboat Tour

It could mean only one thing: the July issue of MBM is in the shops today so make sure you pick up your copy and check out our boat videos and photos

The July issue of MBM is jam-packed with the latest boat reviews, cruising features and marine news.

This month we’ve asked pilot guide author Mark Fishwick to pick his favourite West Country cruising spots, we’ve traced the history of Sealine boats in our Marketplace special, which includes a used boat test of the Sealine C39, and we tested the Prestige 450, the Finnmaster 7.0 Pilot and the Minor Offshore 28.

We also show you how you can follow in the wake of The Great Motorboat Tour Biscay with a Cross-Channel passage planner courtesy of Tom Cunliffe, while over in the practical boating section we show you how to change your outboard engine oil.

To read all these features and more pick up the July 2013 issue of MBM.