Boating blockbuster

...with a safety message

Imagine the situation: everyone’s jumped off for a refreshing dip in the ocean, only to discover nobody put down the boarding ladder and you’re all stuck treading water.

If it sounds like an unlikely scenario, think again. The summer’s latest big release, Adrift, is “based on true events”. It describes six friends’ nightmare struggle to survive just metres from the unreachable safety of their luxury yacht’s deck.

Opening at cinemas around the UK on 1 September, Adrift is being distributed by Pathé and has been directed by newcomer Hans Horn.

The cast includes X-Men 3 hunk Eric Dane, gorgeous Ali Hilis from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Niklaus Lange from Legally Blonde.

A spokesman for the film describes the basic plot: “Once the champagne has begun to flow freely, the six friends decide to go for an impromptu swim in the middle of the ocean, but their plan backfires more severely than they could ever have imagined when they discover the mistake that will soon test their will to survive: someone forgot to put the ladder down before they jumped in.

“Powerless in a place they once thought was paradise, they suddenly find themselves in a desperate fight to live.”

Watch the trailer here: