Boats dragged from moorings in Guernsey storms

The harbourmaster in Guernsey has warned boaters about recovering their vessels after a yacht and a motorboat were ripped from their moorings in heavy storms

As this image shows, two boats were badly damaged in storms in Guernsey when they were ripped off their moorings and slammed into a harbour wall.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon when winds of up to 43 knots blew The Crystal and the Fruit de la Mare off their moorings in Belle Greve Bay, between St Peter Port and St Sampson harbours, into the harbour wall at Les Banques.

Harbourmaster, Captain Peter Gill, told the BBC that he was glad none of the owners had tried to get to their boats during the storm.

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He said, “Where the waves are rough and reflected off the seawall it is very dangerous for individuals to go down there and try to protect their property.”

Boatowners are advised to check their mooring lines.

Photo: Tony Rive


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