British captain in yacht smash near Abramovich’s favourite bar

A British captain has been fined following a yacht collision

Croatian authorities have fined a British captain

whose motoryacht collided with five craft in a marina after he reportedly

forgot to turn off the engines.

Officials in the port of Hvar say that the yacht had been secured at a berth near the Carpe Diem lounge bar, which has recently seen visits from Roman Abramovich, Bernie Ecclestone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Princess Carolina and Prince Albert of Monaco, Gerard Depardieu and Steven Spielberg, but the still-running engines caused it to move forward and snap the mooring ropes.

The 31m Kai, with 11 crew members and 13 passengers aboard, powered into the marina, colliding with

five Italian, American and Croatian yachts and boats. Two mechanics aboard the American yacht Colonial Sun were injured as a result of one of the collisions and were taken to hospital.


skipper, Captain Ashley Benns, has been fined £1250 (10,100 Croatian kuna) for “not-obeying security rules”.

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