Brits can’t hold off New Zealand challenge

An invitation father and son team from New Zealand destroyed the opposition at the Condor Ferries Grand Prix of Guernsey this weekend.

New Zealand father and son team Greg and Daniel Brinck stormed to a series of devastating wins at the Condor Ferries Grand Prix of Guernsey this weekend.

The duo made good their promise to show the Brits how it’s done with victories in the 150hp section of the Honda 4-Stroke series.

The Brincks had been invited to test their mettle in the competitive British fleet after winning the New Zealand national championships.

Greg said: “We couldn’t ask for anything more. We’re so pleased to be in the UK and especially somewhere as beautiful as Guernsey. The win today is the icing on the cake.

“We’ve been training hard in New Zealand which has been tough as it’s winter over there and pretty cold. I think that helped us, as did the fact that we’re used to racing in much rougher waters so the calm Guernsey waters are a pleasant change.”

Home-grown star Shelley Jory and her racing partner Libby Keir in Team Raymarine, pictured, gave the British crowds something to cheer after winning round 10 of the 225hp championship.

The win makes the fleet’s only all-girl team overall champions in this year’s series.

Jory said: “There was so much pressure on us and I was feeling sick with nerves this morning. I can’t believe it.”