Burnt-out hull of Sunseeker towed to Portland

See images of what remains of the Sunseeker 34M that was destroyed by fire in Poole

The burnt-out hull of the Sunseeker 34M Yacht that made headlines earlier in May when it caught fire in front of hundreds of people in Poole has been moved to the company’s yard in Portland.


The hull of the 110ft yacht, which was virtually complete when it caught fire, is now likely to be broken up once investigations into the cause of the blaze are complete.

Dorset Fire & Rescue Service have already ruled out arson, which would seem to give weight to early speculation from Sunseeker that a bolt of lightning might have been to blame.

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MBY’s surveyor, Jim Pritchard, said it was entirely possible that a lightning strike could have caused such massive damage to the boat.

“With the Sunseeker on the hard, the grounding terminal would not have been in contact with the earth, and therefore would have been ineffective.

“A lightning strike in these circumstances would have chosen random paths to discharge to earth, including high-resistance materials such as glassfibre, which would have grown very hot and very possibly burst into flames.”

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