Charterboat captain jailed for bombing rival boats

A former charterboat captain has pleaded guilty to blowing up four boats after claiming he just didn't like the skippers

Former charterboat captain Joseph Sloma has been jailed for six years in the US for bombing the boats of rival skippers. Sloma told investigators he just didn’t like the skippers of the two boats he bombed, The Fishstick, which he blew up in June 2009, and Trout Scout, which he blew up three months later.

Two neighbouring boats were also destroyed in the explosion that sank Trout Scout in Salmon Harbor Marina in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, and several others were severely damaged. Nobody was hurt in either incident, but the owner of one of the boats said that it was pure luck that no one was sleeping aboard at the time.

“It makes no sense, it’s a

difficult crime to understand”, said US District Judge William Griesbach.

Sloma, who pleaded guilty to setting the pipe bombs, has paid $320,000 towards restitution to the owners of the destroyed boats.