Check water levels online

Use the Environment Agency's new web service before you head out

A new online service which allows boaters to monitor local rivers and sea levels has been launched today.
The new scheme, online at, shows up-to-date information at over 1,700 river and coastal locations across England and Wales.

A map function allows you to select your chosen area and to pinpoint a river that you wish to check, listing the current level and the highest recorded level for that particular area.

Craig Woolhouse, the Environment Agency’s head of Flood Incident Management, said, “Those who use rivers and the sea for recreation like anglers and boaters will be able to check water levels before they set off.”

“The new service will also help people, communities and businesses make informed decisions about how to respond to potential flooding.”

The new online data is desgined to work in conjunction with the free flood warning service.

Sign up to recieve free flood alerts by phone, email or text message by calling 0845 988 1188 or visiting