Close shave for Italians in reverse roll

Gentlemen Brits stop to check they're alright

Italian powerboaters Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella survived a terrifying reverse roll at the weekend’s P1 Italian Grand Prix of the Sea in the Bay of Naples.

The flamboyant duo’s Sterling-powered Donzi boat had made an outstanding start and was trading positions with P1 debutants King of Shaves, when on lap five as the experienced pair rounded buoy G, the boat ‘chined’ – rocking the boat from port to starboard – across the crest of a wave and ‘hooked’ 360 degrees before flipping onto its side.

It was a heart-stopping moment followed by a huge act of sportsmanship as Fainplast, Wettpunkt and the American Lucas Oil – Outerlimits team stopped to monitor the situation and respond to any emergency that might unfold. Thankfully, both pilots emerged unscathed although wet and shaken.

“We were chasing OSG for second position and were about 100 metres behind them when they rounded the buoy,” explained British Miles Jennings of “We saw the boat spin out and reverse roll. Immediately we stopped and unbelted, ready to dive in the water. Thankfully both Giancarlo and Giovanni bobbed up and gave us the thumbs up to let us know they were OK and we were able to continue racing.”

“The accident was quite dramatic for us but I didn’t feel that we were in any danger as I was confident that we had a very good system of safety. I told Giovanni afterwards that I wanted to test that the system worked,” joked a recovering Giancarlo Cangiano. “I would like to thank the crews of Wettpunkt and Outerlimits who are gentleman racers and stopped to help us, they are our very good friends. It is very unlikely that we will make the start of the next race, which is unfortunate but we will be back to form in time for Germany.”


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