Coast Watch Wales cracks down on maritime crime

A new initiative in Wales aims to crackdown on maritime crime along the Welsh coastline

Law enforcement bodies are uniting in Wales for a campaign that hopes to tighten security along Wales’ 750 miles of coastline and identify anybody suspected of engaging in illegal maritime activity.

The police, coastguards and UK border agency officers are joining forces to form what has been described as a ‘maritime Neighbourhood Watch’.

Coast Watch Wales (CWW) aims to create an environment that is difficult for criminals to operate within by improving communication between the main coastal bodies and encouraging boaters to report any suspicious behaviour.

CWW says that suspicious behaviour includes items being attached to marker buoys, large vessels being approached by much smaller craft, and night-time signalling between vessels and people ashore.

To report any irregular behaviour along Wales’ coastline you can email Coast Watch Wales or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Boaters are still urged to ring 999 in an emergency, or contact the coastguard.