Conam Yachts wins P1 Supersport title

Italian team takes title for second consecutive year

Conam Yachts throttleman Angelo Tedeschi and driver Aaron Ciantar have secured this year’s P1 SuperSport championship with a double win in the Vigo Grand Prix of the Sea over the weekend. This is the second SuperSport title in a row for Tedeschi and his Italian-based Racing Project team after winning the 2007 crown.

The Conam Yachts team has managed to combine speed with impressive reliability in the quest to defend their championship. Tedschi and Ciantar have dominated every race this year aboard their Mercury-powered Chaudron, losing only one race to Microlink PC after picking up a penalty for jumping the start.

“I’m very happy with the results from this weekend and the year as a whole,” Tedeschi said. “I’m proud to work with such a strong team and what we have achieved. It’s all a matter of going as fast and being as reliable as possible which is the benefit of five years of experience.

“We only look at the job we do, and we knew we were doing a good job. We’ve not been easy to beat this year but I think that will hopefully encourage a lot of teams to come back and join the championship.”