Costa Concordia salvage begins

The operation to salvage the cruise ship Costa Concordia will take a year to complete

Work has

begun on the massive operation to salvage the capsized cruise ship Costa

which sank off the island of Giglio in January this year.

A work

platform has been erected alongside the wreck, and workmen, who have already

removed the liner’s radar, expect to remove its massive yellow funnel in the

next few weeks.

Large tanks

will later be welded to the upturned side of the vessel and their weight, when

filled with water, will assist two huge cranes to pull the ship upright. Once

temporary patches have been put in place over the gash in the hull, further

tanks will be welded to the other side of Costa Concordia, and high pressure

air will be used to raise the vessel from the seabed.

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The whole

operation will take around a year to complete and will cost more than £300

million to complete. The rock which sank the ship will also be raised and taken

ashore to become a permanent memorial to the 32 people who lost their lives in

the accident.