Costa Concordia skipper wants his job back

Capt Schettino is also claiming back pay for being forced out of his job

The captain of the cruise ship, Costa

Concordia, the vessel that hit rocks and sank off Giglio Island in Italy, is asking for his job


Francesco Schettino is also attempting to claim back pay

since Costa Cruises, the owner of the ship, dismissed the skipper after the


Despite the fact that 32 people lost their lives when the

ship sank on 13 Jan 2012, Schettino claims that his actions saved lives by

steering the ship into shallow waters.

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He is expected to arrive at court in Grosseto, Italy, on

Monday next week, where he could be charged with abandoning ship, contravening

the laws of the sea and multiple counts of manslaughter.

On the charge of abandoning ship, it is reported that he claimed to have accidentally tripped

into a lifeboat, although the evidence provided by the now infamous

conversation between a Coast Guard officer and the skipper, where Schettino

refuses to go back on board his ship, is stacked against this claim.