Don your captain’s cap for National Nautical Friday

Dress up and raise funds for Seafarers Awareness Week

Boatowners are being encouraged to show their support for Britain’s seafarers by taking part in National Nautical Friday on 11 June.

Seafarers UK, the new name for King George’s Fund for Sailors, is

calling for people to dress up in stripes, anchors and captain’s hats to

raise money for seafarers from the Merchant Navy, Royal Navy,

Royal Marines and the fishing fleets and their families.

“Seafarers often have to deal with issues like poverty and debt, feelings of isolation after a life at sea, relationship break-ups, ill-health and serious injury, homelessness, depression and bereavement,” said a spokesperson.

“Often, a combination of issues like these can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on someone’s life.”

Seafarers UK is an umbrella organisation that awards grants to other maritime charities. People wanting to celebrate National Nautical Friday can dress up in a nautical theme and donate £2 each to the charity.

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